Airplane Flight Instructor Job | CFI position

Flight Instructor Jobs; Flight Instructor openings. Flight Instruct in the SF Bay area

Airplane Flight Instructor  job;
CFI Job, in the SF Bay Area.

  • Flight Instructor positions available in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Flexible Hours.  Set your Own Schedule.
  • Teach Professional Clients and Members of the Stanford community.
  • We are based at the Palo Alto Airport, CA.
  • CFI Jobs often involve use of the Club’s  Web-based Integrated Flight Training System.
  • Hourly pay for ‘Dual’ and  ‘Ground’ Instruction appr. $75 per hour, net
  • All available Aircraft have a modern ‘Glass Cockpit’
  • Diverse terrain. Stunning views. And we have great students.

Flight Instruct in Cessna-162 Skycatchers

Flight Instructor(s), please contact the Stanford Flying Club, Club Admin regarding opportunities to Flight Instruct Members of the Club.

Call us to discuss your Flight Instructor possibilities!
You can also contact us via e-mail.  Please include some info about your Education, Background, CFI experience, Flight Hours and types of Aircraft flown.
You must be able to legally work in the US, and have a valid FAA CFI Rating.
Candidates will be preferred if they already live in the SF Bay Area

Club contact info:

Phone / Voice Messages: 650-858-2200 .
Or Email Us:

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  • Call (650) 858-2200 to get started or schedule an introductory flying lesson.

    Or request a phone call