Matthew DeB.

Matthew DeB.

  • Instruction: CFI, CFI, ASEL, AMEL
  • Skype: Video call avail.
  • Phone: 650-858-2200 SFC
  • Email: click here

Matthew was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up in Arkansas. He was a Flight Instructor at a Flight Training Academy in New Smyrna Beach, Florida where he trained pilots to become Professional Airline Pilots.

He has a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of airplanes, aerodynamics, airplane systems, airplane performance, and modern aircraft computers. He teaches both older airplane navigation techniques, as well as newer airplane navigation techniques that require modern computers. He is well versed in the latest flight instruction techniques and knows how to make the academics and the flying skills he teaches relevant, clear and fun.

Matthew loves teaching to fly. And believes, that with good flying lesson planning, and carefully chosen sequences of theoretical and practical flight scenarios, flight training and obtaining a Pilot License can be a very rewarding and fun experience.

In his spare time, Matthew likes to go kayaking, weight lifting, and being with his friends and family.

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