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Obtaining a pilot license can change the entire definition of who you are, where you live, and where you may easily go.

It provides a shift in geographic perspective of the deepest order. In the most concrete terms, it means that from Palo Alto, CA you can get anywhere in the Western United States in a simple morning’s flight. Stanford Flying Club is a network of people who have joined together to make this possible and affordable. The ability to fly a small airplane is more than a useful skill and an engaging pastime. It is in the most fundamental sense a liberation from the ground. The extent to which this is true is difficult to communicate to those who merely ride the airlines. Learning to fly and obtaining a pilot license provides you the opportunity to look around. Aerial views provide perspectives and details that few share and no one forgets. Added life-style options can bring new rewards. The benefits of a pilot license, and the freedom to travel and save time are unique and valuable.

The Aerial View | by William Langewiesche

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