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Learning to fly and obtaining a Pilot License through Stanford Flying Club – Flight School can change the entire definition of who you are, or where you live, and of where you may easily go from your Bay Area home.

Flying provides a shift in geographic perspective of the deepest order. In the most concrete terms, it means that from the San Francisco Bay Area you can get anywhere in the Western United States in a simple morning’s flight. The Stanford Flying Club in Palo Alto, is a network of people in the S.F. Bay Area who have joined together, to make flying lessons possible and affordable.

The ability to fly a small airplane is more than a useful skill and an engaging pastime. It is in the most fundamental sense a liberation from the ground. The extent to which this is true is difficult to communicate to those who merely ride the airlines. Getting your pilot license will provide you the opportunity to look around not just the Bay Area, but far beyond. Aerial views can provide perspectives and details that few share and no one forgets. Added lifestyle options from learning to fly bring new rewards.

The benefits of flying lessons and earning a pilot license, and the freedom to travel and save time, are unique and valuable.

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Read “The Aerial View” | by William Langewiesche

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