Stanford Flying Club

The Stanford Flying Club was founded in 1930 at Stanford University and is part of the beautiful San Francisco Bay area. We operate as an independent Non-Profit educational corporation. Our facilities are on, and near, the Palo Alto Airport [PAO]. The Palo Alto airport is close to Stanford University’s campus in Silicon Valley. Since our founding, membership has been open to Stanford students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Today, Membership and the possibility to learn to fly, in a collegiate atmosphere, is open to the public.


Privileges of Membership

  • We facilitate access to modern aircraft with up-to-date ‘glass cockpit’ computers, and state of the art technology. Rest assured; there are no planes from the 70s or 80s, or that may be older than you are.
  • As a Member, you will also have access to well qualified Club approved Instructor-Pilots. And, an exclusive personalized Web-Based Integrated Flight Training system, as well as other flight training resources. Students may obtain their first pilot license up to 28% faster than the national average.
  • The Club can assist you with obtaining a plane for your flight training, as well as owning your own airplane. And show you how you can offset its costs with financial and tax-benefits, through renting your airplane out for flight training or rental purposes. The Club makes it easy to fly, whether you need a plane, or want to rent out a plane you own. The Club fosters and promotes flight training.

The highest standards of safety

  • We have access to Aircraft Factory Field Service Engineers to keep aircraft in top shape.  To ensure the highest quality of maintenance, aircraft maintenance is obtained from FAA Approved Repair Stations and FAA Certified Mechanics. No other flying club or school in this area adheres to such a high standard of maintenance for Aircraft used by its Members.
  • The members of the Club are rightfully proud of our safety record, which is the best of any flying club in the San Francisco Bay Area, and one of the best in the nation.
  • No member was ever injured in any aircraft operated with a Club associated Instructor.

Advisory Board, Insurance

  • Our Advisory Board includes Stanford Students, Faculty, and Alumni. And other professionals with a strong background in education, flight training, and general aviation.
  • An insurance program that meets or exceeds state standards covers all aircraft. As a Member, you can also subscribe to a comprehensive Aircraft Renter Insurance program that can mitigate your liability exposure and provide additional protection.

Excellent Aircraft Availability

  • Stanford Flying Club strives to maintain an optimal ratio of members per plane.
  • Unlike other clubs that usually maintain an extremely high ratio of members e.g. per Cessna-172 airplane, or per Sport Aircraft, Stanford Flying Club offers access to a so-called ‘floating pool’ of airplanes rented out by private aircraft owners:
  • The Club regularly and carefully reviews the types and number of planes presented by or on behalf of their respective owners. When activity slows down, the Club can decrease airplane availability, to keep things more manageable and affordable. When more Members want to fly, the Club may add or open up access to a flexible or ‘floating’ pool of airplanes. So Members can have excellent plane availability, at a reasonable cost, on an as-needed basis.
  • The Club offers a membership-based platform, where members can offer and reserve access to airplanes 24/7 using the Internet and wireless technology.

Learn to fly

  • Call or Text (650) 858-2200 to get started or schedule an introductory flying lesson.

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