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Getting started on your flying adventure is easy. The first step is to take an introductory flying lesson. There is no obligation or requirement to join the Stanford Flying Club to schedule your first lesson.

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We understand pilots, and what it takes to be a pilot, like no one else.

Rest assured. We’ll walk you through the program step-by-step, from your first lesson to your license. And you’ll know exactly what you are spending and why.

Get Started

To Schedule an Introductory Flying Lesson

icn-tel CALL (650) 858-2200

Initial flying lessons will typically take about 2 to 3 hours of time. [And include about 1 hour for pre- and post-flight briefing, and about 1 hour of actual flying time. And you will also be asked to fill out a brief Membership application / Term of Services agreement].
Your total costs for a Flying Lesson may depend upon a number of factors. Such as the duration of a flight, the price of aviation fuel, instructor time provided to you, and the price of other services or pilot supplies obtained.
Weather permitting you can obtain hands-on flying experience your very first lesson.

You are also welcome to stop by the Club Office (by appointment) to first take care of your membership registration, pick up your kit with course materials, and to schedule your first flying lesson for some time thereafter.

Or Apply for Membership

Complete the membership application and mail it in. Include a photocopy of a driver’s license (or other official picture identification).

Mail the completed form to:

Membership Applications
Stanford Flying Club
P.O. Box 20488
Stanford, CA 94309

Fees and Dues

The Membership Enrollment fee is $85.00 [School/Academic year 2023-2024].
Club Dues for the standard Member Services Plan are $254 per Quarter and are billed in advance.

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  • Call or Text (650) 858-2200 to get started or schedule an introductory flying lesson.

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