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Airplane Flight Instructor  and CFI Job, in the SF Bay Area.

  • Flight Instructor / CFI position available in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    The position. is initially part-time, with the possibility to instruct full-time.
    We receive more inquiries from people who want to become a Member and obtain their Pilot License than we can potentially facilitate. So, we are looking really hard to find a few more good Instructors.


  • Instructors should feel comfortable teaching in a classroom situation as well as in the aircraft.
    Our Members / Flight Students like to use, and Instructors must be able to use and follow a given curriculum, using the latest Web-based Integrated Flight Training System‘ materials, available through the Club.
    • Many of our Members opt to Learn to Fly and receive instruction in a modern aircraft, like a 2-seat Cessna Skycatcher aircraft, or a 4 seat Cessna-172S G1000.  
    • All available 2-seat and 4-seat Aircraft have a ‘glass cockpit’.
      Please see https://flystanford.com/training-aircraft/
  • Training materials used have a content similar to what can be found in materials offered by the FAA, ASA, Gleim, Jeppesen, Cessna-King Schools, etc. Parts of the study and training materials are provided online. New Club CFIs can get access to and use these materials, as well as some brief training on how they can use the system. Please see: https://flystanford.com/flight-training

  • Flight Instructors must be able to provide extensive Ground Instruction and Briefings on a one-on-one basis, at the KPAO Airport. No remote instruction.

  • Benefits: Hours are Flexible. But some weekend availability is a must. You will be able to set your Own Schedule. There are no current provisions for health insurance, sick time or vacation pay.  
    You will be expected to coordinate any extended time off well in advance, with your Students and the Club, to ensure reasonable instructor availability for Students, and an equitable distribution of vacation time among all staff and Instructors 

  • A current FAA CFI Rating, and an FAA Medical Certificate is required. Preference will be given to CFIs with a minimum of 400 Hours TT, and/or prior teaching or coaching or tutoring experience.

  • Instructors earn app. $55 – $65 per hour net, for both ‘Dual’ and ‘Ground’ Instruction time.

  • Diverse terrain. Stunning views. And we have great students.

Flight Instruct in Cessna-162 Skycatchers

Flight Instructor(s), please contact the Stanford Flying Club, regarding opportunities to Flight Instruct Members of the Club.

You can contact us via e-mail

Please include a Cover Letter, and some information about your Education, Work History, Background, Pilot Certifications, Flight Hours and type(s) of Aircraft flown.   
If you have any prior Teaching, Instructing, Tutoring, Coaching or Presentation experience please let us know.

You must be authorized to legally work in the USA and have a valid US Commercial Pilot License, with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor [CFI] Rating.

Preference is given to candidates who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, within a reasonable commute distance from the Palo Alto. A commute time of up to 45 minutes (during most parts of the day) appears to work well with or for most Instructors

Club contact info:

Email Us:  flystanford@alumni.stanford.edu
Phone / Voice Messages: 650-858-2200 .

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