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Hey, this is Susie! Many people like you and me can learn to fly. It is relatively easy and affordable. Click any message to hear more information.

1. Flying is Fun! (0:50)

Your host, Questions, Referrals

2. Why Learn to Fly (2:42)

Who Flies, Fun, Utility, Other

3. Pilot Licenses (1:08)

Required Experience, Expected Averages

4. Advanced Training (0:37)

Instrument Rating Add-on

5. Age, Medical & Other Requirements (1:20)

Min Age, No Max Age, Routine FAA Medical Exam, Glasses No Problem

6. Costs (1:31)

2 Ways to Look at Costs, School Success Rate

7. Choosing a Flying School (2:50)

7 Points to Compare

8. Pilot Test Requirements (1:11)

Tests: the FAA Knowledge & Practical Test

9. About Safety (1:33)

Research on Safety, Airplane Fail-Safe Features

10. What about Insurance? (1:26)

Liability, Aircraft, Other

11. The Mile-High Club (0:50)

General, Referral

12. Multimedia Flying (1:47)

Web-based Integrated Flight Instruction

Learn to fly

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