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  1. Sport Pilot & Private Pilot Members gain better Light Sport Aircraft availability

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    C162 Light Sport Aircraft -- LSA w. Glass Cockpit Panels

    Sport Pilot and Private Pilot Members can now access various Sport Aircraft and Cessna-162 Sport Planes at the Palo Alto Airport.

    Three great Sport Planes are now available for rent and accessible to Members in the S.F. Bay Area.

    The C-162 is a great planes for flight training, as well as for doing some exploring. They offer fun and versatility.  Moreover, the latest additions have:

    A great cabin width (over 44 to 46 inches wide; about 4 to 5 inches wider than a Cessna Skyhawk plane).

    Just the right amount of simple high tech with 2 intelligent Garmin 300 computers (C-162),  GPS satellite navigation. And ADS B- Out GPS location tracking. These planes can offer the following offer:

      • Moving Maps to provide instant position awareness, even when flying above the clouds.
      • Weather maps that can provide near real-time radar images of moving rain and thunderstorm locations. And satellite views of cloud coverage. (Cessna 162 and/or Sport Cruiser)
      • Display of real time wind directions and magnitudes, icing levels, and more.
      • Terrain Proximity displays, with color-coded obstacle maps, and a voice alert, for extra safety.
      • Touch Screen technology for engine, flight instrument and moving Map, Radio and Radar
      • Clear online flight tracking

    Balancing fun and fuel these planes use only about 5 to 6 gallons per hour. You will have a smile on your face when you get to zoom these planes on some cross country flights across the Western US.

    Where do you want to fly today?  Let’s fly places!

  2. New Cessna-182T Skylane

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    This is a new high-performance 4-seat aircraft. It has a roomy interior and a 230 HP engine and a variable pitch propeller for improved climb performance. It offers a modern Glass Cockpit with local Traffic Information (TIS), as well as En-route (TAS) Traffic information. speeds with larger load capacity, compared to the C-172 Skyhawk. And it is suitable for trips to airports at a higher density altitude, and can be used for flying in ‘VFR’ (visual flight rules) as well as in ‘IFR’ (instrument flying rules) conditions.

  3. New #2

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