Flight Lessons, Eligibility

Introductory Flight Lessons or ‘Test Flights’ are for motivated individuals, seeking to Learn to Fly.  And, who might likely want to join the Stanford Flying Club, and pursue their Pilot License. They are not suitable for sight-seeing tours, and normally not for more than 1 person.
No regular Membership is required to sign up for one.  Guest-Membership status is included with the Introductory Lesson

Resources (like Airplanes, Instructors, Introductory Flight Lessons, Club Memberships, etc.) are  limited.  You will need to provide your full name, and complete contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.). And, you will need to have a valid passport or Visa. The Lesson will include

  • An Introduction/Overview, either by phone or in person, which will take about 35 minutes.  It will cover the ‘Learn to Fly’ process, Pilot Licenses, Training Methods, Club information, and, possible Costs.
  • Introduction to the Aircraft, ‘Pre-Flight’ / Ground Instruction, of about 50 Minutes.
  • Actual In-Aircraft time: about 1 Hour.

Total time: about 2 Hours and 50 Minutes.



Memberships are intended for those seeking to learn to fly and obtain or upgrade their Pilot Certificate.
Membership is open to the public. Applicants must provide their full name, and contact information.

An Introduction/Onboarding meeting of approximately 45 minutes will cover:

To start Flight Training, the US Transportation Security Agency [TSA] requires US citizens to present a valid US Passport. Or a US Birth Certificate.  US Permanent Residents or non-citizens need approval to take flight training directly from the TSA.  Stanford Flying Club Members normally receive such approval within a few weeks after applying.
The Club can not assist non-citizens with obtaining any I-20 or Visa to be able to be in the US.

Flight Lessons & Membership Enrollment are by appointment.

Learn to fly

  • Call (650) 858-2200 to get started or schedule an introductory flying lesson.

    Or request a phone call