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Pilot License training

Flight School & Flying Club – San Francisco Bay Area

  • Obtain your Pilot License training through a Cessna Pilot Center
  • Exclusive Integrated Flight Training System.
  • Obtain a Pilot License, up to 28% faster and at correspondingly lower costs.
  • Web-based Integrated Sport/Private Pilot training system
    with Interactive presentations and flight preview videos.


Most students obtain their first Pilot License with only 20 – 30 hours of flying time.

If you are just starting out, you will want to complete an introductory flying lesson first. This time will already count towards the Solo Pilot License (sm) course. When you have achieved competence to fly solo, you will be able to make local flights by yourself and fly to other airports with your flight instructor’s approval.


There are no requirements to begin your flight training. To obtain a Solo Pilot endorsement, you can either use your Driver’s License or pass a basic ‘FAA medical’ test, as evidence of medical eligibility.


When you use a modern basic Cessna trainer aircraft, the cost of this training may typically range between $7,540 and $13,350.

Stanford Flying Club aims to support Members to achieve success with flying.
The Club enables Members to obtain and use up-to-date Flight Training materials and access to modern private rental aircraft.  Stanford Flying Club was founded at Stanford University in 1930 and is open to the public. Club approved instructors are licensed and certified by the FAA.

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