Sergey K

Sergey K

  • Instruction: CFI, ASEL, Ground School
  • Skype: Video call avail.
  • Phone: 650-858-2200 SFC
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Sergey is a software security engineer from Russia, working for Google after a stint at Apple. And a decade of hacking and hard work, at other companies before that.

He started flying airplanes in Scotland in 2010 and came to California in 2015. Aside from airplanes, Sergey has flown hang gliders for many years. He has a Private Pilot glider license, flies tailwheel airplanes, and likes aerobatics.

Sergey has trained Sport Pilots since 2018, and Private Pilots since 2022. He doesn’t need more flight hours for an airline job. Instead he likes to focus on the effective training of his students. So they can graduate and be safe and competent pilots.

Sergey likes to teach his students to understand rather than memorize. And to fly their plane without relying on instruments and a power-plant more than necessary. He knows how to make the academics and flying skills he teaches relevant, clear, and fun.

When not coding or teaching, Sergey loves 3-pedal cars, hiking, and gliding. And long trips in his light Sport Plane.

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