Harrison M.

Harrison M.

  • Instruction: CFI, CFII, ATP
  • Skype: upon request
  • Phone: 650-858-2200 SFC
  • Email: click here


Harrison has a degree from California State University. For several years he was a middle school Earth Sciences and Biology teacher.  He served as a softball coach at the University of California. Then he decided to start teaching what he loves to do, Flying!  His goal is to help his students discover the many benefits of Aviation. And learn how to fly better!

Harrison’s career in aviation stems from his passion for meteorology, navigation, and aerial exploration.   He worked as a ferry pilot delivering airplanes all over the USA.  And served as a Flight Instructor and Check Airman at an Aviation Academy, in Arizona, for 2 years.  And he credits much of his development and success in teaching aviation to that.
He also is an Airline Transport Pilot with a US regional airline.  He offers flight instruction for Sport Pilots, Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots. And Instrument Ratings.   Harrison takes pride in his ability to teach complex concepts.  And provide hands on instruction to students of all ages and backgrounds.  His experience, enthusiasm, and love for flying support his Students, in having enjoyable and effective flight training experiences. And grow their piloting skills.

While not flying, he likes fishing, camping, hiking.  And spending time with his family, friends, and dog.

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