Airplane Location

Private Pilot plane availability includes various Cessna-162 Skycatcher

Where do the planes live?

At the Palo Alto Airport (PAO)! is an alternative to plane ownership.
It is a plane, but only when you need one.

Whether you are a Private Pilot or a Student Pilot who needs a plane for flight training, as a Member you can share and access a variety of aircraft parked at the Stanford Flying Club – Aircraft Location (in the SF Bay Area)

  • Modern, well maintained personal airplanes
  • Airplanes are located and based at the Palo Alto Airport [KPAO]
  • Aircraft are available to Members
  • Reservation services for Airplanes are available 24/7 online

Check out our Palo Alto Airport location below


Stanford Flying Club – Aircraft Location  [KPAO]
Members can enter via the Airport Terminal gate at 1925 Embarcadero Rd, KPAO.  Plane facilities and Member car parking are on Tango Row.


The freedom to be you.
The wings to get you there.



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